Here's How We solve a daily problem for students

Here's How We solve a daily problem for students

1 year ago| 3 min read

Problem statement

Currently, I’m pursuing computer engineering in Vidhyanagar, Anand. In our vvn(vidhyanagar), There’s a problem for students while in search of food to eat at noon and night.

Students like me, wasting their around 1 hour deciding what to eat in food, We’ve options but still can’t decide what to eat.

Having too many options create confusion.

Food options

  • Mug pulav (One of the famous food items in vvn)

  • Gujarati dish at a fixed price

  • Other fast foods

Note: Foodie VVN is a product by Gigaweb

Here’s the post about Gigaweb.

The solution that we’ve founded

We’ve developed a web app that provides restaurants, cafes, lounges and tiffin services. Especially this will help those students who are new in vvn. In this web app, we also provide a food menu which will be updated by restaurant owners.



  • Secure and fast server connectivity

  • Install as a mobile application

  • Clean and eye catchy user interface

  • Smooth user experience

  • User-friendly and responsive

Add restaurants functions

Any user or restaurant owner can submit restaurant data and once we verify it from our admin panel, It will publicly available.

Market survey

All lounges write daily food on board at their place. What happens if we bring those data in our foodie vvn app. It saves up to 1 hour for students.

We’ll not only list out lounges but we are including tiffin services as well. So that owners of tiffin services don’t need to share the food menu with students every day anymore.

We’ve analysed the market by visiting the restaurants in vidhyanagar and this application will be helpful for them again it’s a useful platform to publicity and list out their restaurant.

About Foodievvn Web app

Used technologies


We’ve created awesome posts for social media marketing, especially for an Instagram post here is the post that we’ve shared.

We’ve created an account for foodie vvn on Instagram where we will publish some useful content which will be beneficial for students.

Follow Foodie VVN for further updates on Instagram.


Foodie vvn is a good option for students to save up to 1 hour daily to decide what to eat every day.

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