Here’s how I Master Full Stack Development

Here’s how I Master Full Stack Development

1 year ago| 3 min read

Nowadays, So many freshers want to become a full-stack developers and want to jump into this field and In this post, I’ve shared my journey. Hope my journey will inspire you in your career.

Starting of journey

My journey started in 12th standard. I was curious to gain knowledge and I like to create websites using pure HTML and CSS from scratch without using any 3rd party service.

I don’t prefer any dependency on other platforms like NoCode website builder (WordPress, Wix etc..) or anything else as much as I can.

Warning: In these platforms we can’t get what we want from a design perspective I can customize my designs using CSS or tailwindcss.

Then, I learned JavaScript basic concepts from Code With Harry and Yahoo Baba youtube channels. I learned basic concepts of javascript.

Project development

Here, you can find those beginner-level projects that I’ve developed.

Then, I developed so many projects in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Here’s the GitHub Repository that might be helpful for you.

Note: Heroku is no longer free to deploy backend apps and You can’t visit that portfolio I apologize for it.

After developing only front-end projects, I was getting bored and then I switched to the backend and choose Node.js and Express.js to learn.

I’ve also implemented some projects in EJS which is a template engine in JavaScript.

Tip: I don’t recommend you learn EJS template methods which are not useful nowadays because of React.js (we can create components).

After that, I learned database concepts in MongoDB and then I learned about Mongoose Package which helps to connect MongoDB to Node.js and Express.js server applications.

Close to becoming Full stack developer

I was only one step away to become a full stack developer and then I’d learned React.js which is in demand nowadays and then I became MERN Stack Developer.

Tip: Here’s the guide to learning react.js

One thing is missing in React.js for front-end applications and is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

React is a client-side rendering technology and that’s why react.js has so many cons and one of the cons is SEO.

Then, Next.js was becoming popular in the market and I jumped into it. Next.js has some built-in functions for SEO and next.js is a powerful framework of React.js. Next.js has some amazing concepts like SSR (Server side rendering), SSG (Static site generation) etc.*1zgWFU3ZIYbmhlCUwiMmLw.png


I had so many dreams of building something big with the help of technology and that’s why I’ve started my journey as a full-stack developer.

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